Liberal leader demands elections in Spain

3fdbf216c9424a43883b7b1803c37b51 - Liberal leader demands elections in Spain

MADRID – the leader of The Spanish right-liberal movement Ciudadanos (Citizens), Albert Rivera, demands that prime minister Mariano Rajoy, fast new elections. He has said that he is considering a motion of censure against Rajoy to support the initiative of the socialist party PSOE Thursday and Friday in the Spanish Second Chamber, the Congress of Deputies, is treated.

Albert Rivera

Rajoy leads a minority government. He is of the conservative people’s Party (PP) who is discredited is hit by a trailing trial against executives and directors for many years of systematic fraud committed, bribes paid and taxes evaded. The case was mainly about regional PP figures. In the ruling last week gave the defendants prison sentences of more than thirty years in prison.

The PP itself was not as perpetrator or accomplice, but the party got called in by his negligence, a penalty of 245.000 euro.

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