Letter baby viral: ’I hate my moms phone”

ec15f881aa5f548739d67ed69df86b8e - Letter baby viral: ’I hate my moms phone"

Louisiana – The homework assignment from an American teacher is viral gone after a sad answer received from multiple children. The question, ” what had never been invented?’ was answered with ’the mobile phone’.

Jen Adams Beason wrote on Facebook that 4 of her 21 children of seven and eight years old, were of the opinion that their parents often on the mobile phone were. One child wrote a very sad note to the teacher.

“I hate the telephone because my parents are here every day. A phone is sometimes a very bad habit. I hate my mothers phone and I wish they never had.” The child closes the letter with a drawing of a phone with a cross through it and a face with speech bubble: “I hate it.”

The teacher shared the message with a message. “Listen to your children, put your phone away.” The message was no less than 250.000 times shared, and the teacher from Louisiana decided to remove it.

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