’Leader of Chechnya wants to get children out of caliphate’

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GROZNY – The ruler of the autonomous republic of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadirov, by means of dna-material Russian children identify and from the Middle East to Russia. The Moscow Times has reported that Kadirov on social media said that he is on a large scale dna-material in the Caucasian republic are going to gather to the relationship of children in Syria and Iraq.

Ramzan Kadirov

That makes it, according to him, much easier they are to Russia and the Russian nationality. In Iraq recently, a series of Russian women to a life sentence, convicted of membership of the terreurbeweging Islamic State. The Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs estimated that in Iraq alone, about one hundred and fifty Russian women and children gevangenzitten.

According to Kadirov has an envoy of him in Iraq arranged that all of the issues around the removal of children to Russia by a single judge in Iraq will be handled. Also that the repatriation policies. It is according to the leader of the predominantly muslim Chechnya is a sacred duty of life and the freedom of Russians to protect.

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