Lawyer Patricia Mine out to the website GeenStijl

“Patricia you are Mine no longer wanted to live last year after a seksfilmpje of her was scattered.” The lawyer of the Dutch singer explained during a civil hearing at the court in Amsterdam. “Mine wanted death, that says enough about what the places of the movie with her has done. Damage and shame to control her life to date.”

The singer and tv personality wants € 450,000 in compensation for the spread of a seksfilmpje through the website GeenStijl. She has, according to her lawyer to 250,000 euros to intangible damages and 200,000 in damage to property, including through loss of income. GeenStijl placed in February of last year the link to the video, but deleted that a minute later again, at the insistence of the lawyer of Mine. The video, which is to see that Mine piss-sex with a man, immediately went viral on social media.

According to the defence counsel refers the website to the man that the movie on Twitter. “GeenStijl try on cowardly way to wriggle out of it by saying that they only have been subject to onward distribution.” The solicitor further notes that the man who the movie on social media put 150 followers against 230.000 visitors per day on the website of GeenStijl.

According to the lawyer of GeenStijl was the movie all day around on WhatsApp and would Mine the video itself, have forwarded to “at least five people”. “That would often have done it,” says the counselor. He also states that her phone is not at all had been hacked, as she herself claims. “The investigation also determined.”

“Now, the inevitable happened, it came via WhatsApp on the internet and was visible for everyone”, said the lawyer. “That was news and that sign GeenStijl.”
The commotion has her career is not harmed, says the lawyer Stated. “On the contrary, the video actually has new tv jobs completed.” In addition, her career, according to him, built on challenging, something her lawyer denied. “90 percent of her work has nothing to do with sex and eroticism”, argued that last.

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