Kuyt does away with the fuss

A farewell as a farewell of a voetbalicoon is supposed to be. It was Dirk Kuyt Sunday at a nearly sold-out Kuip. During his afscheidsspeech referred the Katwijker to the controversy that arose after the presentation of his book.

Dirk Kuyt radiates during his afscheidsspeech.

In The Belief In Success is kampioensjaar 2016/2017 described. Feyenoord and trainer Giovanni van Bronckhorst names on some of the parts away from Kuyts experiences, but the Katwijker emphasized that it is never his intent was to Van Bronckhorst or others to harm.

“Together, we have with the championship of Feyenoord after 18 years something unique has performed well by also be critical to each other in that process. Gio is for me a great trainer and an even greater man,” said Kuyt.

This is the ripple in the Feyenoord-family smoothed and Van Bronckhorst as head coach and Kuyt as coach of Feyenoord under 19 year started work at the club on the hunt for new successes.

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