Kim Kardashian defends Kanye again in twitterruzie

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Kim Kardashian, her husband Kanye West defended, since the foundation ever made by him was established the ties with him are broken.

Kim Kardashian on Kanye West: ’I always come for my man!”

As a result of a previous twitterruzie between her and Kanye’s colleague at Donda’s House, rapper Rhymefest, decided foundation, Donda’s House her name change and that no longer Kanye’s deceased mother.

Responds Kim Kardashian again with a series of tweets, referred to the story entitled, ” she says. In her tweets she describes the relationships between Kanye, Rhymefest and the foundation. According to her, has Kanye in the first instance, the foundation was established with his mother Donda and they mentioned that During Dreams. “When Donda died, they changed the name Donda’s House. Kanye paid Rhymefest a salary to the organization to manage it.”

’Very calculating’

And this is where it went wrong according to her. “After the foundation for a number of years under the measure functioned, and Kanye personally run into financial problems, he could pay the salaries no longer pay. Rhymefest asked if he can take over and Kanye accepted, without financial obligations to have.”

“Kanye gave his ‘friend’ a chance, an independent organisation to run it. So it makes no sense that Kanye is now publicly blamed for is that he is not concerned with the foundation.” According to her, it seems the timing of the blame ’very calculating’.

’Publicly shame’

Let them know attempts to help the community, the foundation helps young people in Chicago – always to be welcomed. “But I will never tolerate that someone very close was with Kanye now, his mother’s name used to him publicly to shame, under the guise of good to do.”

It is not the first time that the realityster and businesswoman recording it for her husband. And also not the last, let them know. “I will always stand up for my man!”. They find that they have no right to speak in the matter as they, in their eyes, little good is doing for the community, which fans of Kim to fight the cases on which they bet. Also find her opponents it distasteful that she stands up for the man who drugsfoto of Whitney Houston bought to promote his album.

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