Khloé Kardashian’s advice was

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Khloé Kardashian is done with it that everyone her unsolicited advice provides. The realityster placed Sunday a series of tweets to make it clear that they will not benefit from any council about her relationship.

“People nowadays are so focused on the lives of others, instead of that of themselves”, tweeted Khloé. Later she added: “People are living more on the downfall of others than of their success. Unfortunately.”

Last month, emerged online a few videos that show that Khloé’s friend Tristan Thompson vreemdgaat. When the images uitlekten, was Khloé turns up very pregnant. She gave birth two days later of daughter True.

Although sources of Us Weekly initially reported that Khloé was determined the relationship with the father of her daughter a second chance”, seems to be the realityster the last week hints that it is over between her and Tristan. Thursday, she had to in an Instagram Story about someone who is “enough lessons” and that it is time that they “started with”.

Friday placed sister Kim a photo of a bunch of flowers that Khloé had gotten for her wedding day. “Congrats Kimye, love always wins”, it said on the card that was only signed with “Love, KoKo and True.”

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