Khloe Kardashian hint on relatieperikelen with photo-sharing of True

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The realityster try at this time, her relationship with Tristan Thompson to the rescue

Khloe Kardashian hinting at relationship problems after a photo of baby True shared. The realityster (33) hinted that they confused feelings about her love for Tristan Thompson, who with other women photographed in the run-up to Khloe’s birth.

They placed a picture of a quote on Instagram with the text: “You can be a good person, with a beautiful spirit, and still have the authority to say: ‘You’ve got me conned’.

Last month, the 27-year-old basketball player accused that he was unfaithful while she was pregnant. Also there were messages that there is friction between Tristan and the famous family of Khloe.

Hours after posting the cryptic quote on Saturday, she shared the place of her six-week-old daughter. “Mama’s Little Love”, wrote the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s photo, and showed her how the sleeping baby in her arms.

Khloe showed Saturday its haarkleurspecialiste, Tracey Cunningham from Los Angeles, had invlieden for an early ochtendafspraak in Cleveland. That she had done so because her hair according to his own words, “horrible discolored”.

A source told Entertainment Tonight that despite her mother Kris Jenner’s wish for Khloe to get back in Los Angeles, the kersverde mom in Cleveland wants to continue the relationship with Tristan to the rescue.

“She has a nice, quiet life for himself built in Cleveland, and that is exactly what they now want. She really enjoys this quality time with her daughter and Tristan – without all the distractions that L. A. gives when she is surrounded by so many other people,” the source added.

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