Katja Schuurman robbed in Brazil

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Katja Schuurman during her last trip in Brazil together with her beloved Freek van Noortwijk robbed of her stuff. That she tells in an interview with FHM on the occasion of her new book Katya was here.

“Freek and I are in the north of Brazil by surprise. It went really fast. He came with a big knife and he grabbed my bag. We had lost everything. Luckily we had a mobile phone and debit card in our pocket, what the robber didn’t know, so we still had something. We were then really in a state of shock”, replies the presenter.

The beginning of the trip was also fierce. “It started already at arrival. We arrived in Rio de Janeiro in a small hotel near a favela. The next day I woke up and I heard all the noise. It turned out that the day before, a policeman was killed. Then, there was a group of people with weapons through the streets for a big cleanup. In the end, that day, fifteen people had been killed. All drug dealers that were afgeknald. A retaliatory action because of the agent who was murdered.”

Still, it would be Katja recommend anyone to go to Brazil. “Don’t be deterred by this kind of stories. We knew that We were into a risky area went. I would still recommend anyone to go to Brazil. That nature and the beaches. It is such an incredibly beautiful country!”

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