Kanye West by private foundation at the door put

The charity of Kanye West, Donda’s House, break her bond with the rapper. The foundation, named after his mother, even her name change. That happens as a result of a Twitter-fight, report American media.

The foundation for disadvantaged young people was established in 2011 by West and fellow rapper Rhymefest. She is named after Donda Williams, the mother of Kanye in 2007 at the age of 58 died.

On the latest album from Pusha T, Western producer, claimed that Drake made his own texts do not write. The Canadian responded with a scathing song called “Duppy Freestyle” and presented Kanye’s record company a bill of $ 100,000 (86.112) for “promotional assistance and resuscitate a career.” Rhymefest asked then to Drake to yield to Donda’s House to send, because West of the foundation.

The foundation stated that they have no financial support from the West got a building project that the house where the rapper lived as a child wanted to be transformed into a recording studio, museum and learning space. “The youth are watching and we want them to know that regardless of what their favorite celebrities do, or not do, we are there for them and them will continue to support and motivate.”

Kim Kardashian swung again, a number of reproaches to the head of Rhymefest. They accused him, among other things, the name of Kanye’s mother to use him in a bad light. “You can count on the fact that I was there my mission will be to create Donda’s House of you to get it, and by my children to be running as it should be!”, thus the realityster.

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