Justin Timberlake visits the victim’s shooting rampage in Santa Fe

115d31f20fc0e97ffa14bad681eb482d - Justin Timberlake visits the victim's shooting rampage in Santa Fe

Justin Timberlake has a verrassingsbezoekje brought to one of the victims of the shooting at a high school in Santa Fe. We see that thanks to a photo circulating on Facebook.

The singer lingered in the American state of Texas, where Santa Fe is also located. Timberlake gave the past week a number of performances. During a show in Houston, he wore a shirt with the imprint ‘Santa Fe ‘Strong’. He was wearing that night, his song ‘Until The End of Time” to the victims of the tragedy.

The girl that Timberlake visited was Sarah Salazar. It was her mother that a photo on Facebook placed. She wrote that the singer will not come with empty hands, her daughter came to visit, though, we were not allowed to know what the gift is.

Daughter, Sarah, was in the shooting in the neck is hit, causing her shoulder and lower jaw shattered were. She also had broken ribs and damage to blood vessels in her neck. The student is one of the thirteen injured in the shooting on may 17. Eight students and two teachers survived the tragedy.

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