Italy competes on new elections

ROME – Italian president Sergio Mattarella has former IMF official Carlo Cottarelli commissioned to form a government. Cottarelli must the country as the interim prime minister go to control until new elections can be held.

Carlo Cottarelli (r) and Sergio Mattarella

Cottarelli said,very quickly” to a new government to want to form. Then the parliament in a vote of confidence in a decision. There may, according to the intended premier early election next year if he has the confidence of the parliament.

,,If the trust is not forthcoming, the government immediately resigned,” said Cottarelli. The Italian voters can then, after the month of August, will return to the polls.

The Lega and the Vijfsterrenbeweging (M5S) were previously on the point to form a government, but homed when Mattarella a veto spoke about their intended minister of Finance. The leaders of Lega and M5S reacted furiously to the intervention of the president. Lega-leader Salvini accused Mattarella to the pipes, to dance in Brussels, Paris and Berlin. The M5S and Lega came in the parliamentary elections last march as the winners forward.

The president, in turn, that he has the right candidates to deny that the country might cause damage. He said that the parties refused any other candidate-minister to push forward.

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