Harvey Weinstein wants, how to make a documentary about themselves

Harvey Weinstein has plans for a documenatire about himself to his side of the ’story’ to tell. That have different sources to Page Six told.

Harvey Weinstein last Friday in the courtroom

The cases, the film producer would be the plan, already conceived, before himself Friday reported to the police. Weinstein had already contacted several people from the film industry, including the person whose medical bills he is a couple of years ago to help pay.

An insider: “He is trying a documentary about himself to get off the ground, over which he has control and calls with people. When pitching, he continued to say: “When all this is over’.” He was referring thereby to the scandal as a result of the numerous accusations to his address from October last year, by hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Role for Weinstein

A spokesman of the frequently of sexual abuse accused the producer claims that there is nothing of true. It appears that the film industry is, however, susceptible to the idea of the scandal that Hollywood forever upside down, to translate to the big screen. The sources for Page Six said, reporting also that several parties are out to make a film about the cases filmmagnaat with his cooperation.

One producer had his thoughts right out loud about, when he learned that: “It would be a cross between a Weiner (a film in which New York politician Anthony Weiner is followed, who resigned after repeated scandals, red.) and If I Did It (a special on O. J. Simpson, which he has exhaust on how the murders would have, if he committed would have it, red.) about can be. Of course, with his legal disputes that may endlessly continue. But someone would be able to film while he is here going through it.”

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