Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo robbed of wallet

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She was robbed during a dinner, but the thief dropped his loot fall from his hands.

Ellem Pompeo was during her holiday in Italy robbed of her purse. The Grey’s Anatomy star, 48 years old, told the news of the incident in Florence on Instagram and showed a photo where she along with two Italian police officers. She wrote to them, both in English and Italian: “My wallet was under my nose stolen! I give the rose the debt!” she joked.

Pompeo told that they were stolen during a dinner in the chic restaurant Frescobaldi, but that the thief and his loot quickly his hands dropped.

“Thank you to the person who the wallet stole that this is still intact. I was you on the track with my phone and if I catch you had was probably not good for you past. I’m nice, but forget about my origin: the NEAPOLITAN,” wrote Pompeo.

She wrote in Italian that the theft was captured on security cameras and joked: “I hope you smiled for the camera.”

Pompeo thanked the local police for help and wrote a thank-you note to the police in Italian. “Grazia a polizia Di Firenzia squadro volanti y resterante Frescobaldi,” She apologized also for the case that her Italian is not at all correct. “Apologies for my terrible Italian”, she wrote.

The actress is on a long vacation that has been scheduled at the time after the filming of the new season of Grey’s Anatomy at the end walked. Of the award-winning series is coming in 2018, the fifteenth season on the tube.

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