Greenpeace obtains smoking Maya the bee offline

At the insistence of Studio 100 is the video of Greenpeace with a smoking Maya the bee taken offline. In the video, were supposedly cigarettes of Maya the bee promoted.

The brouhaha arose last week after Greenpeace campaign had been launched to Studio 100 to convert to stop creating unhealthy meat products for children. The environmental organization wants the Studio 100 the sausages ‘ is replaced by healthy vegetarian alternatives or meat that comes from local and ecological agriculture.

The campaign lap going down the wrong way of Studio 100-boss Hans Bourlon. He demanded apologies from Greenpeace. “We are doing all efforts to promote healthy food and plans the assortment is expanded to include vegetarian products,” responded Bourlon.


Bourlon confirms Monday night at news agency Belga that Studio 100 has undertaken and to include Vimeo and YouTube has asked for the images offline. “We have made maximum efforts,” says Bourlon. “We had to take action because it was going to be stolen images. This campaign was shameless.”

“We wanted this campaign will not stop”, reacts to Greenpeace. “The topic is on the agenda and the discussion about unhealthy foods is raging around you. The movie has so worked.”

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