George Takei wish beschuldiger peace

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George Takei cherishes no resentment against the man who him last autumn accused of sexual abuse. Scott Brunton took that story Friday largely back.

George Takei

“I want people to know that despite everything he has done, I mr. Brunton nothing only wish. I hope he peace is,” says the 81-year-old Star Trek actor on Twitter. Just after The Observer the message that had been published in which the beschuldiger his story withdrew, said Takei: “As many of you know, this is a particularly difficult time for me and my husband Brad. We have with the impact of these accusations have to live in, but are glad that this nightmare is finally at an end.”

Brunton came in november, with the story that the actor him forty years earlier after a night of steps had been taken to the house. He would out have gone after Takei drugs in his drink had done. When he awoke, he had the actor, who was at that time in the forty was and thus twenty years older than Brunton him, according to the assertion stripped naked and performed sexual acts on him.

In the story in The Observer tells Brunton that he is indeed with Takei to take home, but that the actor respected when he was a versierpoging afwimpelde. The actor has always claimed that he Brunton can’t remember.

In a response to a message of support on Twitter, shared Takei Sunday, one more thought about the allegations. “She accused without any form of judicial process, learn their head elevated to keep and go through.”

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