Fuss to game over schoolschutters

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Parents of children who were killed in shootings at Us schools, not to speak about a new computer game in which you’re shooting by schoolgangen walk.

Since June 6, will lovers of the genre via the game platform Steam ‘active shooter’ able to purchase and play. It is a first person shooter where you can choose to be with a firearm a trail of destruction to pull through once school building. You can also choose to stay in the skin of a police officer to crawl to such a schoolschutter off.

“It is your goal to protect, or to hunt down and destroy (hunt and destroy, eds.)’, reads the description of the game. “Be the good or the bad, the choice is yours!’


Little surprising is the game is very bad for the parents whose child died in a schoolschietpartij. ‘It’s disgusting that Valve Corp. (the parent company, above Steam, red.) currency trying to save them from the glorification of the tragedies that our schools take, ” says Ryan Petty for the newspaper Miami Herald. His 14-year-old daughter was one of the seventeen fatalities when a nineteen-year-old man in February, opened fire at a school in Florida.

‘The last thing we want is a simulation of schoolschietpartijen’, occurs Andrew Pollack him in the same newspaper. ‘Game developers need to be aware of the influence they have. This is really about the wrote.’

‘Big game experience’

In a blog post clarifies publisher ACID that the game violence is not at all encouraging. Originally, the goal has been to have only the character of the police officer to be able to play, but with extra roles you get a wider gaming experience’. By ‘a large amount of criticism and hatred’ considering the publisher the role of schoolschutter now have to delete, ” unless it can continue to exist as it is’.

Several American media tried to Valve Corp. to contact us for comment, but the company went in there, it is not yet in.

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