Funky Julia back in at Home

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“Ann is not to speak about the behaviour of Tom. Waldek decides to stay home with his sick daughter. Bob has ideas for the birthday of Lowie, but that comes itself with a request. Rosa does self-reflection. Kaat wants to continue with her life and no one will stop her”, so sound tonight at ‘Home’. Not really exciting, but that is outside Julia counted… because that makes its appearance in the soap.

For months it was Julia Van Capelle, played by Myriam Bronzwaar, not at ‘Home’. Logically the crazed psychopath had a lot on her clean: after her ex Cois had murdered, Luc was the victim of all kinds of abuse, Mayra got poisoned chocolates, and Waldek and Simonne she knew mercilessly to kidnap. A few weeks ago, participants Flanders is already on, when Julia once again came up. From the cell she called to Pauline, after which they again disappear. Yet Julia still often raked up in the soap. At the funeral of Luc, she sent a wreath. That fell on bad ground. Daughter Paulien has broken with her mother, but that is not to Julia’s liking. That tries all possible ways to get in touch with her daughter. The voltages are walking on, because the season finale is approaching. The season finale is coming within two weeks, and coincidence or not: Julia is starting again tonight at Home to see. Writes that The Latest News today. Where we may expect? There, according to the actress, with not a word about. “That my character suddenly doldraaide, is the best storyline I have ever played. How crazier, the better”, says Bronzwaar. We hope forward to some crazy twists! From tonight will be Julie weather is frequent to see in One soap ‘at Home’. On Thursday 14 June is the big season finale aired.

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