Fifth season of Arrested Development after a long wait on Netflix

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The American sitcom Arrested Development by Mitchell Hurwitz is finally back! Between 2003 and 2006 were the first three seasons of the sitcom show on Fox. The series proved to be quite a lot of followers, so picked up Netflix in 2013 with a fourth season. Five years, we have on our hunger before, but now is also the fifth season to get ready! And it promises to be better ever to be.

With Arrested Development, we learn about the Bluth family, a formerly wealthy family who, despite their changed circumstances, still an extravagant lifestyle lead. That of course brings a lot of incidents with them. Each character in the show is a special memento.

Jason Bateman takes on the central role of Michael Bluth . The single father and widower raises a number of attempts to get his family together, despite their materialism, and selfishness. His son, George Michael, experiencing constant pressure to meet his father’s expectations. As if that wasn’t enough, he fights also against his feelings for his cousin Maeby. When they saw him once a kiss gave, as part of a joke, struck the spark.
With an uncle like George , they have also not been affected. That does a lot of trouble to his family to manipulate and control. Uncle George has been a prison on the bag, that does not stop him to the right still to dodge. His wife, Lucille, has a great love for anything with a high alcohol content. She loves her family firmly in the pliers. Her grip is the tightest performance on her youngest son, Byron, a overgeschoold moederkindje with dependency issues and prone to panic attacks. That is but a handful of characters that the comic series is complete. The storyline of the fifth season revolves around the mystery with regard tit the death of Lucille Austero, often as Lucille Two is appointed. In season four has Lucille Two the control over the Bluth Company acquired after the family already sold their shares. She seems to be missing, but a gory scene creates more explanation. The sequel, see you in season five!
Netflix announces the premiere on may 29. The season will have 16 episodes in existence, divided in two parts. The first part of season five will start with a lot of slapstick, political satire, word games and recurring jokes entail.
Arrested Development is now available via streaming on Netflix. Start Netflix on Proximus TV via the menu ‘application’ > series or through the channel 204!

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