’Fatal accident to ramadan?’

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Machelen – the wife of The trucker that Saturday together with his co-driver was killed, and asked openly what was the cause. “He Was unwell? Played the heat or ramadan a role,” says his wife against The Newspaper.

The Aldi-truck drove itself in an empty building. The driver and passenger were killed.

Mounir collided in the Belgian Machelen with his Aldi-truck against a car and drove then filled in on an empty building of the police.

The 39-year-old driver and his 48-year-old passenger survived the blow.

Tough job

Mounir was 11 years actively as a soldier in the Moroccan army began three weeks ago as a driver for Aldi. “It was a tough job, but he was absolutely delighted,” says his wife, Véronique. His training was almost over and he would soon be allowed to travel alone”.

“I phoned me about 11.30 am for a chat. He was very healthy. This mistake used to do a lot of questions. Was he unwell? Played the heat or ramadan a role? I can’t grasp it. Mounir was my world and he did everything for me, his little son and my two other children. He was a fantastic man and father,” said the woman in The Newspaper.

Toxicological research

From toxicological research, it should be clear whether there is alcohol or drug use.

The occupants of the car, a man and a woman from Jette, came wonderfully without a unmarked of. Their daughter: “My parents are fortunately unharmed, but in shock,” says Jessica Dejonghe from Wolvertem.

“I have them in the meantime spoken, but it is also not entirely clear how the accident exactly has been concluded. They drove both of them next to each other, came together in contact, after which the truck driver lost control over the steering wheel.”

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