Europe initiates the battle against plastic

If it is the European Commission depends, we encounter, by 2030, 3.4 million tons less CO2.

Wegwerpplastic or so-called “single-use plastic” (plastic for one-time use) is a thorn in the eye of the European Commission. More than 80 percent of the litter in the sea is out, and it was already longer known that the Commission is trying to do. Monday was a concrete proposal clear how.

So, there will be a ban come on cotton swabs. The Commission wants to replace see by alternatives from durable material. The same applies to cutlery, plates, straws and also, for example, ballonstokjes.

Europe also wants that we all have significantly less plastic containers and cups. The Commission wants producers also have certain obligations. Thus, they will the cost of waste management to bear and should also contribute to awareness-raising campaigns.

Soon more.

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