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Ethereum: crypto pokemons to delight with Smart Contracts and fun in the game

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In the past, some of the games with the help of the Ethereum Blockchain of the crypto market, is now a new game on the program: crypto pokemons. This game aims to bring the Pokemon Community, lots of fun through the use of Smart Contracts and Ethereum Ecosystem.

Actually, it was only a matter of time, when a game with Pokemons, based on the Blockchain that comes on the market. As we already reported, was a crypto kitties, the biggest success in the crypto gambling heaven. More Games like CryptoDogs, crypto Allstars or crypto countries have already moved several million users in its spell.

The basis of all of these games are the Ethereum Blockchain, since the conditions for developers to provide the best conditions to program quickly and easily get a game to launch.

Crypto pokemons is a Blockchain-based game, which uses the Ethereum Blockchain and similar to crypto kitties also, with a strong focus on unique Pokemon. The aim of the game is to collect all the Pokemon and Level up in.

Since each Pokemon is unique, is connected to each Pokemon with a Smart Contract, the player with Ethereum can buy. If another player wants to have a Pokemon, then he can pay for it. This approach is now widely used in the cryptographic gambling universe. Of course, there is also an incentive to train his Pokemon.

There are a total of four levels you can go through each Pokemon and reach. The more transactions, with each individual Pokemon to take place, the higher of the actual value. In this way, buyers can buy Pokemons favorable for 0,01 ETH, and in the course of time, the value increases to 1 ETH. A Pikachu currently costs 0.01 ETH and a Schiggi 0,03 ETH.

The operator of the website seems to have no connection with Nintendo, so from our point of view, not yet finally is not clarified whether this site infringes trademark rights or the like. On Reddit is to read, that it would not interfere with Nintendo, there is a such page.

Whether the game attracts a comparable level of Hype, such as crypto kitties remains to be seen. In any case, that with crypto pokemons a topic was taken up that very quick viral waves can beat.

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