Dozens injured in voetbalrellen Germany

MANNHEIM In Germany, with riots in the amateur certainly 45 people injured. Among them are six agents, let the police know. Ten people are held. ,,Up to now there are 24 indictments drawn up, that number will be after the analysis of the video footage yet to grow”, was a spokesman to know.

Fans of Waldhof Mannheim and KFC Uerdingen go on the fist.

The riots had taken place during a play-offwedstrijd for promotion to the third division of Germany. The match between Waldhof Mannheim and KFC Uerdingen was after 82 minutes to shut down when the supportersvak of Mannheim repeatedly with smoke and fireworks began to throw.

The police acted in the first instance be aware not to make the situation not escalate. After the race was canceled was still wrong and was there with glasses and bottles thrown. An agent who was lying on the ground got under more kicking against his body and his head.

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