Depay: ‘it was a wrong approach’

Memphis Depay has for the past season made an important change in his sporting approach.

“That is why I do now for a few months, no weights.”

The attacker of Olympique Lyon and Orange trainer less on strength and more on flexibility. “I was very fit, but actually a little,” said the 24-year-old ex-PSV’er.

“At the beginning of the season I was every morning at seven o’clock in the gym. Then there was not even anyone at the club. I have a month or one and a half done. I thought: ’this is my season, if I harder to train and work than anyone’. But that was a very wrong approach. I was myself to overtraining.”

And threw Depay to the helm. “Then I the more released. I need to be much more relaxed. Look, how I look. I’m already highly of myself. My body is for football, that’s why I do now for a few months, no weights.”

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