Denmark mandatory lesson about democracy and christmas for pre-school children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods

The ruling centre-right coalition of Denmark, children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods, often migrants, require to go to nursery school. The children can be registered if they are one year old, and get there lesson about Danish customs and traditions

Children that day have not yet collected, would be 25 hours per week stay in a kindergarten. The program is free, and would be approximately 700 children can help, says the Swedish ministry of Children and Social Affairs on Monday.

If parents can prove their children on the same level of training as the kindergarten children home lessons.

Currently, parents may be required to have their children attend kindergarten to three years, but that is too late, Mai Mercado (Konservative Folkeparti, Danish minister for Children and Social Affairs.

Plan for disadvantaged areas

The children will be during the mandatory hours are trained in the Danish language and to gain educational exercises about the Danish traditions, values, and norms, democratic principles and public holidays.

The project is part of a large-scale plan that at the beginning of July to come into force, where the government is the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Denmark wants to address by 2030. Last year, acknowledged the government 22 areas as problem areas on the basis of following criteria: high number of migrants, high unemployment rates and convictions for criminal offences.

The plan was in the parliament not only approved by the government parties and the right-wing Dansk Folkeparti, which the minority government relies, but also by the main opposition party, the Socialdemokraterne.

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