Deep Bridge launches talentschool

Musical and entertainmentproducent Deep Bridge presents ‘The Musical Academy, for young people with a passion for musical. From this autumn, during the weekends and school holidays, work placements, masterclasses and courses will be organised for young talent from the age of 6. Deep Bridge takes this initiative after the success of ‘Knights of the round table’, a piece played by 28 enthusiastic young people.

In August 2017 started the rehearsals for the youth show ‘Knights of the round table’, to the book of Mark Tijsmans. During the summer holidays and the subsequent weekends gave 28 of enthusiastic young people, both skilled and naturals the best of themselves. There was hard work, a lot of fun and created new friendships. It was again clear that Flanders is full of young singing and acting talent.

During the autumn of last year, the show, the first production of Deep Bridge, premiere and the reviews and reactions of the audience speak for themselves. The atmosphere in the group there was one where Deep Bridge as a producer could only dream of. So much enthusiasm and commitment had would have a sequel. And that sequel is now known. With a lot of enthusiasm, launches Deep Bridge ‘The Musical Academy. Deep Bridge wants to continue to invest in young talent, talent with a passion for musicals, that is not always choose a professional singing, dance or acteeropleiding. Deep Bridge wants that young talent will be a lasting stage.

‘The Musical Academy from the autumn of 2018 scholarships, master classes and organise training sessions. In tailor-made programs retrieves each participant the best out of themselves, and there is a lot of fun! Under the guidance of top teachers will be working on singing, dancing, acting and even composing. The young talents get a platform for their refined skills to show and must play in at least one show per year. There are groups with and without selection, so everyone can join in!

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