Daughter Depp gets bizarre roll of film offered

20cbe408b5527ca1ead9a05fc825b5a5 - Daughter Depp gets bizarre roll of film offered

A French production company has plans to make the life of singer Vanessa Paradis to film them. A logical choice for the lead role, is then also a daughter, Lily Depp. Any downside: she would then sex scenes to play with father Johnny Depp.

In France, they are already just in the film and music. But when a French production company actress Lily Depp a roll of film offered, in which they sex scenes with her father should play, that was a step too far for most. The film is about the life of her mother, Vanessa Paradis. Not only the singing career of Paradis, will be discussed, also his turbulent relationship with Johnny Depp is part of the filmbiografie. To talent or physical similarities with her mother, the 19-year-old already no defect. However, any doubts they have about the offer, also Vanessa Paradis is not happy. Experts are convinced that the production company is already looking to go to another actress.

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