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Dash Embassy joins Blockchain Association

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The Dash to the Embassy ROOF, UG is the newest member in the Blockchain Bundesverband e. V. With the merger are to be brought to the regulatory conditions for the Blockchain and crypto-currencies on the way.

One of the problems that the Blockchain technology, but also crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all the others, is the regulation. Or better: The sometimes inadequate or lack of regulation, the uncertain regulatory framework.

Cooperation of the Dash and Blockchain Federation to improve the legal basis

This is a Problem of the Blockchain Association is now together with Dash. The Federation is all about, to create an innovation-friendly climate of regulatory. So, ultimately, back to the acceptance of all the technology in the center of the society. To Jan Heinrich Meyer, founder and managing Director of the Dash Embassy‐CH:

“As a monetary Cryptocurrency with the aim to offer an Alternative to cash at the Point-of-Sale, is based also Dash on the Blockchain, which is considered to be one of the safest technologies that we currently have. To be able to the potential of this technology to exploit, it needs not only to mass-market applications, but in the first line of acceptance.
This we can only achieve if we provide sustainable educational work and the General public a basic understanding of the technology to convey that the people are able to make use of decisions.“

Also, Marcus Ewald, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Blockchain the Association is happy:

“We are pleased to welcome Dash to the Embassy as‐CH as the youngest member of the Association. Training and education are still the primary social task, and the Dash, the Embassy is a strong comrade-in-arms. The digitization occurs in the next Phase, and will continue to accelerate. Therefore, the dialogue with policy and regulatory bodies is crucial for Germany as a business location.“

The dialogue between the economy, politics, population and the Blockchain Community is ultimately important, in order to bring the technology into the mainstream of society. Then it works again with the Bitcoin price.

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