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Crypto kitties to help sick children: charity action for hospital

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A charity has used the trading with crypto kitties to 15.000 US dollars to collect for a children’s hospital. The Ethereum application could be donated to the project, which forwarded the funds to the hospital. A new Chapter in crypto donations is opened.

As the application of crypto kitties came in last year on the Ethereum block Chain, caught the little kitten a lot of attention. In contrast to classical crypto-currencies, these crypto-Assets embodied in individual characteristics, a unique “Mining algorithm” (reproduction), and a type of increase in value. Soon became the prototypes for similar applications on Ethereum and other block chains. However, they were also in the criticism, since their volume clogged the Blockchain of Ethereum and transactions in General, very slow.

Kitties instead of stuffed animals

Now has found a Use Case for crypto kitties that is as helpful as cute. The trading venue “Bella’s Kitty has launched The” a non-profit Initiative, the donations in Form of crypto kitties accepts. The proceeds of the Initiative “Kitties for a Cause” – or the Kitties for a (good) purpose – to go to the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Users of the platform could then provide a total of 370 donated crypto kitties. In just three weeks, the equivalent of approx. US $ 15,000 could be collected on the Initiative of 21.6 Ether-Token.

Particularly noteworthy is the action is because it was started by a 10-year-old girl. The small Bella, the the platform, “Bella’s Kitty runs with her father together, The” self-crypto kitties collects, wanted to do with your Kitties “something Good.” So the idea came about to use crypto kitties to collect donations.

You have donated previously, so stuffed animals to children’s hospitals to bring sick children a Smile on your face, sends you virtual Kitties. The children can cuddle up either yet to play, the children’s hospital are taking a lot of money. With this money you can set, in turn, Doctors and nurses and buy equipment to help the children, to be healthy again quickly.

Donations in crypto more and more popular

Donations in crypto-currencies are no longer a rarity. So Ripple last and OmiseGo by donations. While OMG has raised money for Refugees, invested Ripple in public schools in the United States. UNICEF Australia takes a different approach. Here, users can make their computing power available to the mines for children from crisis areas of crypto-currencies.

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