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Coach Roberto Martinez: ‘The final selection is not in my head’

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The Red Devils started the second phase of the world cup preparation. Since today is – on Simon Mignolet after everyone arrived at Tubize. After this week there are still five players to lose weight. “But it is not yet a foregone conclusion who that will be.’

After a run-in with ten Red Devils begins today the real work. Spread over two training sessions – depending on the physical level of the players – there are now 27 players to work in Tubize. ‘It is good to have all the faces to see again,” says Roberto Martinez. “Last week, we have a small group also worked well, but now the feeling is different because everyone there is. And due to the good weather in Belgium, I have a real feeling if in preparation for a season with a club.’

There is only one solution for Martinez. “Thomas Vermaelen is the only player who is medically not fit. He has worked hard the last weeks and we follow him. We must be evolution wait to tell more. Romelu Lukaku is also not a hundred percent if you are talking about speelminuten. He played twenty minutes in the last match. So he will also need to work. Just as his brother Jordan in the last six-seven months on the sucker.’

“For 90 percent, I’m all out’

Roberto Martinez wanted to this preparation actually begin with the final 23, but by that small ailments at the Lukaku’s, the uncertainty about Batshuayi and Chadli and the injury of Vermaelen he has that plan changed. ‘By the injury of some players we have now 28 players. But that we consider all as full. It is not 23 plus 5. We take until after the match against Portugal a decision. It is not like I have my 23 players already have in my head. Of course, I have been working two years with this group. For 90% I’m already there. But there is always that ten percent. We are going to wait until Monday the 4th of June for the final selection to be announced. We want everyone to have as much as possible, give them a chance to show that they can.”

Who definitely needs to lose weight is one of the goalies: Sels or Casteels. But they will be in training to prove themselves. “It is not intended that they speelminuten get in the game against Portugal. We prepare a world cup. That oefenmatch should not to determine who is number 23. It is a pity that there is still a goalkeeper needs to lose weight. Because they deserve all to be present.’

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