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Coach Roberto Martinez bites off: “Nainggolan select would be a great mistake to have been”

Coach Roberto Martinez has Sunday in an interview said that it was a “big mistake” to Radja Nainggolan to select for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia. “I knew that the decision not make me popular. It would be much easier to choose otherwise, but that would be a great mistake for anybody,” said the Spaniard in an interview with Proximus Sports.

Martinez commented in the interview ahead of the world cup of Russia next month, but also showed his light on the preparation of the coming days and weeks. An inevitable theme was the world cup selection, that last week a lot of commotion. In a wide-selection of 28 Red Devils was no place for midfielder Radja Nainggolan of AS Roma.

“The easiest thing would be to have the 23 names to choose from that everyone in the outside world had expected. But then you come to the world cup to the constatatie that those players are not performing as we want it”, bite Martinez. “I have to make tough decisions, not because I like to do. I decide, on the basis of performance for the national team and on the basis of the various roles that this group needs.”

“I decide on a professional and fair manner on the basis of information that we are in a period of two years have collected. Not on the basis of the last two or three weeks,” said the coach. “It would be much easier to make a different decision, but that in the end would be a big mistake for everyone. It would not be the right choice.”

“I base myself on the information I have”

“For the selection I make use of the structure of the Belgian football association. I base myself on the information I have. In addition, you need with trainers talk with the people who daily work with our players. And then you look also, of course, to the role they have in the national team can play,” said Martinez. “I do not select on the basis of names. I select players for the national team, a star performer can deliver. Some decisions do not make you popular, but that is the job of the coach.”

“How you look at it: there are players that deserve to the world cup to play, but the selection will not achieve the goals. This is how it works unfortunately. I can only have 23 players to take with them. We now have a selection of 28 made. There are still four or five young players who have actually plenty of shown have to be present. And then there are some players who do lose weight, simply because of the fact that there are only a limited number can select.”

“The passion among the fans is a positive story”

“The emotions and the passion in the fans, I see as a positive story. The people give to the Red Devils. But I don’t think the fans expect that the coach the easy decisions to take”, said the Catalan. “This is how it works in a democracy: everyone has his opinion and feelings and it may also express. As a coach, I don’t need judgment to fall on the statement in the press. My job is the team as good as possible to prepare for the world cup.”

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