‘Chelsea owner Roman Abramovitsj is richest resident of Israel”

2725f70768959d0e1e891a3dde831745 - ‘Chelsea owner Roman Abramovitsj is richest resident of Israel"

The Russian billionaire Roman Abramovitsj seems to be waiting for a new visa in Britain grew tired of. According to Israeli media, it is his Israeli citizenship approved and moved Abramovitsj to Tel Aviv.

According to The Times of Israel confirmed the Israeli ministry of the Interior that Novel Abramovitsj to the country. The Russian multimillionaire would even landed at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv and the Israeli papers have been given.

The Israeli immigration authorities would not respond to the message, but a spokeswoman for the Israeli bevolkingsdienst confirmed that Abramovitsj in the country. As an Israeli citizen, would be the billionaire not kortetermijnvisa more need for Britain to come in, but to be able to work. New citizens are in Israel in addition, for 10 years tax-exempt status and to their income in that period does not indicate.

British yacht on Russian super-rich

Abramovitsj seems to be the first ‘victim’ of the yacht that the government-May after the affair-Skripal has opened at the Russian businessmen who have close ties with Putin. The owner of the London football club Chelsea, could Great Britain already for weeks not more, because the extension of his visa a long time, according to insiders, an unusually long time, had to wait.

The relations between Russia and Great Britain are firmly declined after May explanations demanded about the poisoning of a former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia, according to London the work of Moscow. In addition, there is in British politics of dissatisfaction about the ease with which the Russian oligarchs still dreadful business would be able to do in London.

Hotel bought the property of Hollywood actress

According to the Israeli news site would be the billionaire even already bought a house in Tel Aviv. Now yes, it goes actually to a former hotel in the area of Neve Tzedek, that he took over from the well-known Israeli Hollywood actress Gaël Gadot.

Abramovitsj bought in 2003 the British football club Chelsea for € 160 million. That same year, the Russian moved into a nineteenth-century town house near Kensington Palace. With a by Forbes to 12.9 billion euros estimated capacity is he immediately the richest resident of Israel.

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