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Charity auction for Blockchain art has more than $190.000 dollars in revenue

979f4548eedeb74569b5380f37c5e995 - Charity auction for Blockchain art has more than $190.000 dollars in revenue

The world is for artists nowadays to be a difficult, since only 10% of all graduates of an art school are able to earn their income through art. Software engineer Daniel Eskridge stated that 90% of all artists earn less than $100 dollars per year from their art. Art on the Blockchain can change the future perspective of an artist drastically. The concept is as cryptoart known.

CryptoArt is Essentially a piece of digital art that arises from the connection between art and technology. What distinguishes these works of art, is the fact that they are digital, just, what drives their price up. In addition, it is to replicate, impossible works of art, as in the work of art, the encrypted lines of code are included, which confirm the origin and ownership of each work of art. In fact, the New York Times has commented on the value of this Blockchain-pieces of art and claimed that they were “technically priceless”.

Two weeks ago, the Live art auction of Codex + Rare on the Ethereal Summit in New York City, an event in which the value of the Blockchain-inspired art wonderfully presented. The event, held by the Codex Protocol, in partnership with R. A. R. E. Art Labs and ConsenSys, with the $140,000 that the sale of the most expensive crypto kitty of all times a new world record.

Of the $140,000 dollars for a crypto-kitty – a world record

In the case of the record-breaking crypto kitty, it was the “Celestial Cyber Dimension” Kitty, which was created by artist Guilherme Twardowski. The collector’s piece has been presented in its physical and virtual Form on the auction; In a physical Form a pixelated image of the crypto kitty was embedded in a Hardware-Wallet – thanks to the kind permission of the engineer-Richard Moore – while the digital Version was a gorgeous-looking purple cat with ruby-red eyes and a bullet around your neck.

“As the bids for the crypto kitty climbed over $100,000, and cheered, and a group of participants, the shirts with the inscription “ARTISTS DESERVE MORE embraced,” [dt. “Artists deserve more”] wore. The digital cat was sold for $ 140,000,“ reported WIRED.

The crypto kitty starts with more modest prices, climbed, however, in the midst of loud applause over the $100,000 Dollar mark. To outbid the beginning of Mike Novogratz any other bid, until Igor Barinov, then the work of art for $acquired $ 140,000.

According to Barinov, the reasons for his unusual purchase of goods: “a love of the game, the physical attributes of the cat, the real life of the auction and the fact that she was destined for charitable purposes.”

The event raised a total of $ 190.000, and the proceeds to the artists and the formation of Blockchain Events for the benefit of, the Foundation for Art and Blockchain to be co-ordinated. The Codex Protocol, which was overwhelmed by the success of the event, thanked his supporters in a Medium Post:

“We want to again thank all of you, the Live art auction a success.”

Image Source: Medium

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