Champions League-losers sign in Orange

ceff3626553dd98a3961c0d1711eca5f - Champions League-losers sign in Orange

Ronald Koeman is counting on that Orange-captain Virgil van Dijk and his team-mate Georginio Wijnaldum today, report to the Dutch national team.

Virgil van Dijk sees the Champions Leaguebeker pass.

The two internationals from Liverpool this month, four days for the loss of the Champions League final against Real Madrid to be processed before Thursday in Trnava Slovakia-Netherlands is played.

When a victory had Koeman are two basisspelers an extra day off given for the festivities in Liverpool. This week will be the coach to decide whether the two will start against the Slovak republic or that he or she saves for the duel with Italy, on Monday next week in Turin.

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