By Kanye West foundation takes away from rapper

The foundation that Kanye West has created in order to help underprivileged young people in Chicago, the ties with the rapper lost. The organization change even the name of Donda’s House, that is a tribute to the mother of Kanye.

Reason for ending the collaboration is an argument on Twitter between Rhymefest, with whom Kanye West together, the foundation has established, and Kim Kardashian, the wife of West. That quarrel came forth from bickering between the rapper and Drake.

Kanye West is the producer of the new album from Pusha T. that Friday came out. On that album is claimed that Drake made his own texts do not write. The Canadian rapper responded by a photo of an invoice of $ 100,000, addressed to the record label of West for “promotional assistance and resuscitate a carrìere”.

Rhymefest responded to that tweet to Drake to ask the revenue to send to Donda’s House. Kanye West would, according to his partner that foundation.


As a reaction, placed Kim Kardashian in a series of accusations at the address of Rhymefest on Twitter. In it she wrote that her mission is to “Donda’s House of you to take off and by my children to be running”. That tweet lap going down the wrong way of the organization.

In a statement let the foundation know that it has decided to name Donda’s House is not more to use. “It was a tough decision, but we are committed to come by the social media utterances of Kim Kardashian and the wish that she speaks to her family and the organization to take over.”

Kanye’s mother Donda West died in 2007 at the age of 58. The rapper has not yet commented on the decision, her name no longer use it.


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