Burglars steal jewelry from mother Gerard Joling during Top-concert

Gerards mother is devastated: while they the two evenings, enjoyed the Toppers, meanwhile, at her house in Schagen at her intrusion. The burglars took all her jewelry. The singer calls on Facebook to everyone on that something suspicious has seen, that to report.

While the mother of Gerard Joling enjoy the concert of The Toppers, meanwhile, in her broken

The burglary took place in the night from Saturday to Sunday, says Gerard. “This morning I was called by my mother, who is unfortunately very sad. (…) When they yesterday afternoon he came home after huge to have enjoyed two evenings of Toppers, was the police to her door. My mother is extremely shocked and sad because of the jewelry for her great emotional value.”

The singer hopes the burglars to detect. “Perhaps someone has something suspicious seen around the house of my mother from Saturday to Sunday night. If this is true you would be my management want e-mail and want to inform! Thank you very much.”

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