Brit with ’Taiwan’ tattoo on forehead beaten up

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Sihanoukville – A British expat who in a drunken mood ’Taiwan’ on his forehead had been tattooed, beaten up by ten Chinese.

A tattoo machine (photo for illustration).

The 32-year-old Paul Ferrell missed a tooth and several teeth were loose after by the men was attacked. The incident took place in a bar in Cambodia, where Ferrell was on vacation.

Ferrell has been living for more than 14 years in Taiwan. During his visit to the bar was the tattoo on his forehead given by the group of Chinese.

’Taiwan, China’

One of the Chinese men called ’Taiwai, China to which Ferrell responded, “Taiwan, Taiwan”. The brawl was the result.

The Chinese demanded of Ferrell that he recognized that Taiwan is part of China. Because the expat feared for his life, he would the group of Chinese he would have agreed with the Chinese.


In a post on Facebook Paul Ferrell, according to Taiwan News let you know that he regrets the tattoo.

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