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Bow to ‘The King: LeBron James shows who the best is and stands for eighth time in a row in the NBA finals

LeBron James is there on Sunday night again, managed the Cleveland Cavaliers to the finals of the NBA to recover. Cleveland won the decisive seventh game of the finals play-offs in the Eastern Conference with 79-87 in Boston and, for the fourth year in a row in the NBA finals. For LeBron James, it was his eighth final in a row.

The 33-year-old James was once again decisive for the visitors. He scored 35 points, grabbed 15 rebounds and contributed 9 assists. His teammate Jeff Green was good for 19 points and 8 rebounds. At Boston were Jayson Tatum (24 points) and Tristan Thompson (17 points) shiners. For the first time in this series was the profit to the away team.

James is in his eighth NBA finals in a row. After four finals with the Miami Heat to titles in 2012 and 2013), now follows a fourth final showdown with Cleveland (title in 2016). Last year they had the Cavaliers head to bow to the Golden State Warriors in the finale. There is a chance that James and his teammates for the fourth year in a row, the Warriors meet in the final. The title holder from Oakland must then Monday night, however, the decisive seventh game in the Houston Rockets win.

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