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Bitcoin and bubbles – part 3: What to do when the bubble bursts?

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Bitcoin and bubbles – in our three-part series, we explore what makes bubbles of speculation whether we are currently in a bubble, and how the future might look like. Today: What to do when the bubble bursts?

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What if the bubble bursts? The answer is simple: Wait and see, pop, maybe some tea to drink. So, as always. Experienced crypto-enthusiasts know this: While all of the screams, the Ecosystem is destroyed, according to buy in all the rest again and see how it goes.

Because Sometime will prevail a part of the crypto-currencies. Of course, many others sang in the Burst of the bubble quietly. Here, the right diversification, you consider well what you put into the Portfolio, the odds are relatively good that something Sensible.

The bubble bursts, the Blockchain remains

The most difficult to portray: The Blockchain

In addition, only crypto-currencies will not in itself, but especially the technology behind and among them prevail. What exactly will be the, ultimately, is questionable. Here is a glance at the past is extremely helpful. We should find ourselves actually in a bubble, that’s not a bad thing – something will remain left out of it.

Dr. Daniele Bianchi, in the current Situation with strong Parallels to the dot-com bubble detect, compared to BTC-ECHO:

“I think the value is in the technology among the crypto-currencies. Just look at Amazon: Before the dot-com bubble burst, rose Amazon from 25 US dollars to 100 US dollars, and then decreased again to 25 US dollars – now it is 1400 dollars.“

Sure, we have no crystal have ball. But history repeats itself known often, and the characters speak for themselves:

“Once the technology was put in order, and the errors have been fixed, they became famous and their value grew. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing would also happen in the case of crypto-currencies, once the problems are fixed, and the bad press will disappear […]“,

Dr. Daniele Thermal means.

Certain forecasts, in which famous people bet their genitals, are not missed entirely. Just a bad Timing. Whether the technology will prevail quickly, like people betting can give, is written in the stars. (But don’t worry – we will keep at it).

And again: It is the technology behind the crypto-currencies, the currencies of the Crypto-your value is give. Until then, the Blockchain needs to grow from its infancy. Also the Adaption of Bitcoin & co. must go further: Not only Hodln, but also time.

Bank the unbanked!

Estimates of the population in the category of the Unbanked is over a third of the world’s

It should be also reminded on the huge untapped market and once again, the basic idea of Bitcoin: banking the unbanked. Your own Bank is and give them a chance, the less “benefits” through the international banking system – that is, after all, about 2.5 billion people, a third of the world’s population. The keyword ‘ financial inclusion is here.

Here, the index finger comes to all, the dream of a Lambo: Invest needs to be well thought out. The sheer mass of ICOs, and thus forcibly associated Scams and useless strength, it is easy to gambled away all his money in a short period of time.

So what to do when the bubble (bursting again)? Not impressed – business as usual.

Because – and this must also be a constant reminder – a Bitcoin is a Bitcoin worth. And he always will be.

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