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Bitcoin advocates Antonopoulos: “the Blockchain is Bullshit”

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On the Polish Bitcoin Congress on 12. May in Warsaw, Andreas said Antonopoulos with a passion for Bitcoin. The Blockchain, however, was not the currencies in his eyes, “Bullshit” and without Crypto to use.

Andreas Antonopoulos, who had made the most of 2014 with his book “Mastering Bitcoin” is a name that is considered Bitcoin-advocates. Unconventional expressed he appreciates the “special ability” of bitcoin and the ability to push through its decentralization of the large companies.

Strange people invest in Bitcoin

In his speech of 12. May at the Bitcoin conference in Warsaw compared Antonopoulos Bitcoin with the Gentrifzierung. In the true sense of the word gentrification means the structural change of the Metropolitan district, to make way for a new clientele more attractive. In practice, it usually comes to a transformation of the cool, creative, special residential areas to the overpriced, boring luxury residential areas. The censorship, which is driven mostly by large companies, is the beginning of a such gentrification, which, strange boring, so Antonopoulos. This phenomenon, he also see in the Internet. As an example he cited here Facebook. While the grandparents want to take with your grandchildren, contact, create a Facebook Account, the young people on the basis of this “Ageing”. The bridge to the Bitcoin hits Antonopolous here on the Blockchain:

“The reason why crypto-currencies, especially Bitcoin, are interesting, is that they are not controlled, they can not be censored and that you are open to the public. And because the people involved are very, very strange […] you have strange notions of privacy and freedom. Because of this peculiar people, I, too, am involved in Bitcoin.“

If you were to remove these aspects of Bitcoins, however, would be only the Blockchain left with a “sterile, dull, unused area.” Without this “odd” Bitcoins, the Blockchain would be just an “empty shell”. In Antonopoulos’ eyes, the Blockchain is basically just a “slow database”. What may be forgotten is the supporter of Bitcoins, perhaps, is that crypto-currencies like Bitcoin without Blockchain conceivable.

Bet the future of the Blockchain

Similar shades a few days were heard on the Consensus in New York. There Jimmy Song about the Blockchain, said: “I don’t see winning a lot of this stuff is ground of liability. Bitcoin, the real Innovation is here.“ Song went as far as to bet with Joe Lubin, the founder of the Ethereum-Start-Ups, Consensys, whether the Blockchain have a future. The seriousness of this weather may, however, be doubted, just because a Song is a Partner of the company’s Blockchain Capital.

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