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Binance adds new trading pairs for EOS and Update to the Mainnetswap

335729dbef82daec7a842d0306502ffd - Binance adds new trading pairs for EOS and Update to the Mainnetswap

In three days swei main netreleases are equal to the Plan: TRON and EOS to be a grown-up. Binance supports the Migration of EOS to the full extent, and has today published early in a new Update, like the stock market at this time dealing with the crypto-currency, in order to ensure a smooth process.

On 31.05.2018 the Migration of the EOS takes place on a separate Blockchain. The Swap Binance with full support. This morning Binance has released an Update, that the conditions of the EOS Mainnet Releases and EOS-regulates trade in this time.

On 31.05.2018 to 0 at all the EOS withdrawals and deposits to be stopped. Then Binance will implement the Mainnet Swap technically, until this was done without any losses. A specific period of time, there is not. In this time, not withdraw, trade, or Deposit of EOS on Binance.

Once the transition is complete and everything is stable, to be released the features. About Binance will inform in a timely manner on all channels.

In addition, Binance has announced that it will add two new trading pairs for EOS. Trade for EOS/BNB and EOS/USDT will be released from today, 5 PM UTC.

The following stock exchanges supported the EOS Mainnet Swap (this list does not claim to be Vollgständigkeit!):

  • Binance
  • Bitfinex
  • Zebpay
  • Kraken
  • Kucoin
  • Bithumb
  • Gopax
  • Coinex
  • OKEX

If we have forgotten an Exchange, please include a message so that we can extend this night, just write us.

The price of EOS moves within the last 24 hours rather sideways, with a slight decrease of 2.72 percent and is on the editorial staff of time at a price of 10.29€. With a market capitalization of nearly 9 billion EOS currencies still occupies space 5 of the biggest Crypto.

The prices of other crypto currencies you can find in our course overview.

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