Bert and Ernie steps to the right

The studio behind the hugely popular American programme “Sesame Street” (sesame street) go to the right door. The owners of Bert and Ernie find that a new, with the vulgar to vulgar jokes doorspekte politiekomedie, which (also) dolls occur, the image of the kinderreeks stains.

The reference to sesame street is there in the film vingerdik on: the slogan of the movie ‘The Happytime Murders’ is ‘No Sesame. All Street’. In ‘The Happytime Murders’ plays actress Melissa McCarthy was a police officer that a series of murders to resolve. In her search she ends up in the poppenmilieu, they where drug addicts and border meet.

In a communiqué let studio Sesame Workshop know that they are “surprised and disappointed” is that a series meant to raise children is being misused to advertise for a movie in which unaccompanied young people are not supposed to be allowed. The complaint is directed against the production company STX Entertainment. According to Sesame Workshop brings the film sesame street “irrevocable damage”.

Low point of the film is, the spiritual parents of Bert and Ernie, a seksscène between two puppets where one of them “a long period” ejaculates.

“We find it regrettable that Sesame Street our humor appreciates”, responded STX Entertainment, “but we are confident that we have the law on our side”.

Sesame Workshop had first the production company requested that the word ‘Sesame’ from the trailers to fend off. After STX that had been ignored, wants, Sesame Workshop, this legal way to obtain. There is also a compensation is required. The amount thereof was not published.

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