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Artificial intelligence and the Blockchain: Cortex wants to develop a learning platform

Cortex is a decentralized artificial intelligence-(AI – Artificial Intelligence)-the Blockchain-a platform to AI Algorithms using Smart Contracts. The long-term goal is to create a self-learning intelligent platform, which provides both developers as well as users of unlimited application possibilities.

The company has its headquarters in Singapore and wants to bring machine Learning and Artificial intelligence on the Blockchian and there developers and users.
Cortex combines experienced top-level researchers and experts in the field of machine learning in his Team.

Furthermore, the Cortex works together with renowned universities such as the California, Shanghai, and Tsinghua, and has a few large capital-Investment-companies as investors on his side.

Cortex is a Blockchain platform on Open-Source Basis with a variety of applications. The main task of the Cortex is state of the art Machine-Learning models for the Blockchain to provide, to the user using Smart Contracts on the Cortex-Blockchain.

Furthermore, a Machine-Learning platform is introduced to enable users to place tasks on the platform to upload and AI-DApps (decentralized applications), which can optionally also be further developed.

The Coin of the Cortex platform in the CTXC. There are nearly 300 million Coins, of which almost half is in circulation. Developers are paid for with the CTXC, if users use the published models. Users also have the ability of tasks to be solved by the developers and in the new AI applications can be incorporated.

The more applications are set, the denser the network is. So a human should be modeled on similar decision-making structure using the platform in the course of time, Artificial intelligence will be created.

The platform is independent of the other problems edit by Algorithms, including statistics and computer science are combined with Algorithms that process the data, make predictions, and help to make decisions. Not for nothing, the developers have opted for the choice of name for the Latin short form of the cerebral cortex (cortex cerebri).

Cortex has its own virtual machine, the Cortex Virtual Machine (CVM), which is complete with Ethereum compatible. A user on this machine, synchronize all of the platform node. A user initiates a transaction to a Smart Contract, you must run the full node the Code of the Smart contract.

The difference between the Cortex Smart Contracts and conventional Smart Contracts is that the Cortex, “Intelligence Contracts” inference instructions (instructions for a conclusion), then all nodes on the result of this conclusion to some.

A young promising project, especially for technically savvy users might be interesting. However, it will show the full Potential in the coming years.

The Cortex of the course is for the editorial time at $ 1.10 and a corresponding market capitalization of EUR 164 million. Thus, Cortex currencies space 71 of the largest Crypto.

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