American warships in the South China Sea to annoy China

7f5d6b3783dc6a5e527117d51ff11954 - American warships in the South China Sea to annoy China

Two American warships are along islands and dangers in the South China Sea, which China claimed to be. The operation was long planned, but was nevertheless able to China not to laugh. The relationship between the two superpowers seems to continue to deteriorate.

The USS Higgins and the USS Antietam, two warships of the U.s. navy, should be within 12 nautical miles from the Paracel islands and other islands of hazards over which China already had years of quarrels with the neighbouring countries. To say that anonymous sources within the U.s. government. The ships were there maneuvers have exercised.

It is not the first times that the American ships in the area to sail, and also this operation would already months ago to be planned. Even so, the maneuvers for additional tensions between the two superpowers. That live in discontent since the economic sanctions Trump against China by Beijing with its own measures were answered. Also the deadlock in the negotiations between Trump and North Korea want China not.

The Chinese ministry of Defense responded already angry with the surgery. There were ships and planes sent to the Americans to make it clear that they, without permission, were not welcome in Chinese territorial waters.

“The Chinese and international law were trampled on, the Chinese sovereignty was not respected and the shared strategic trust between the two armies were harmed”, says the Chinese Defence. Also the ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the action.

U.S. worried about Chinese military expansion

The U.s. army did not respond to the operation, but claimed that the American army is daily operates in the region. The Pentagon is acting according to the belief that operations anywhere in the world, even in areas that are claimed by the allies, without a political message.

At the same time, the U.S. was not happy about the lack of transparency of the Chinese military expansion in the islands in the South China Sea. In april, would Beijing even have rockets installed that ships and planes under fire.

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