Alberto takes the force in the direction of Florida

MIAMI – tropical storm Alberto, which the Atlantic hurricane season early is open, is on the way to the strip of land in the Florida Panhandle in the northwest part of the U.s. state of something in strength decreased. According to the meteorological service, is the centre of the depression now 80 miles south of Panama City in Florida and there are wind speeds measured at 96 kilometers per hour.

The expectation is that Alberto Monday afternoon or evening (local time) on land. The coastal area from Florida to Mississippi and the western part of Georgia should take into account heavy rainfall, up to 30 cm, and the possibility of tornadoes.

Alberto was there early this year. Officially begins on June 1, the period of time that the inhabitants of the islands in the Caribbean, the southern and eastern states of the U.S. and the Central American countries, severe weather events can be expected. Last year attracted a series of hurricanes left a trail of destruction through the area with many dead.

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