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After obscene gestures must be Antwerp-defender Ritchie De Laet for the next season to start with suspension

The board of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) has Monday three days suspension, of which two were effective, and 1,200 euro fine imposed on Ritchie De Laet. That penalty will get the defender of Antwerp, because he put his middle finger showed to referee Christof Dierick.



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The defender took ten minutes for affluiten of the game against STVV a yellow card after a strong tackle on the Truiense goalscorer Chuba Akpom. Although De Laet, the doctrine had not touched, he did not agree with the decision of referee Christof Dierick. The defender stuck his middle finger to the ref and made some obscene gestures. Dierick kept the red card in his pocket, but the Reviewcommissie could not find and called the former Red Devil is still on the mat.

Bondsprocureur Gilles Blondeau had last week Tuesday at the hearing of the Dispute a match suspension and a fine of 400 advanced. President Hubert Poncelet took the matter into consideration and decided, ultimately, a much stricter punishment to impose.

Antwerp can still appeal against the sanction. Any suspension takes The Laet to next season.

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