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The Italian president Mattarella has last night the eurosceptic economist Paolo Savona refused as minister of Economy. A government between Five Stars and Lega fell thus into staves, which the Vijfsterrenbeweging an ‘impeachment’ demands. But it was the Italian head of state, his book is out too?

The Vijfsterrenbeweging, who had dreamed of a first participation to the national directors in Rome, knows her anger is not keep. Political leader Luigi Di Maio tells us that ” elections apparently …

The Vijfsterrenbeweging, who had dreamed of a first participation to the national directors in Rome, knows her anger is not keep. Political leader Luigi Di Maio tells us that ” elections apparently does not make any sense, since lobbies to decide how the government is formed’. He asks his ‘impeachment’proceedings against the Italian president, because that Sunday, a veto has made against Paolo Savona. That is a experienced, but also very controversial economist who for years fumes against the power of Germany in Europe, the euro ‘a German cage’, and that Italy as a ‘plan B’ need to prepare for an exit from the European single currency.

Presidential veto

Therefore came his appointment as minister of Economy on the veto of president Mattarella. Who picks up the criticism is not that the government between Five Stars and Lega by that decision would have jumped off. According to the Italian head of state to have those two parties – the winners of the parlementsverkiezing of 4 march – the past weeks ‘immovable’.

Mattarella says that he Lega and Five Star, first the chance to know each other and then with a concrete government programme. In addition, he has his reservations regarding the politically inexperienced Giuseppe Conte as a candidate, prime minister pushed aside and only “no,” said against Paolo Savona on the important item of Economy.

Only the neo-fascists do with it

Five Stars is passable only with his demand for an impeachment procedure against the Italian president. That intention – that a complex and time-consuming procedure in the parliament would bring – is for the time being only divided by the neofascistische party Brothers of Italy. The radical right-wing Lega, 84 days has tried to with Five Star to form a government, said immediately no for an impeachment procedure, as Forza Italia of ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi.

But is there any grounds for an impeachment procedure? That is only if there is a case of high treason or an attack against the Italian constitution. President Mattarella his powers to be broadly interpreted? Italy is a republic with two parliamentary chambers that are equivalent. The president – that the parliament is elected for a period of seven years – has not so much power as that of the French republic, but Mattarella’s function transcends or exceeds the essentially ceremonial function of our king. He’s been there just about in between.

In the interest of the constitution

‘Mattarella appoints the prime minister and discuss then with him or her about the ministersploeg, ” says Franco Pavoncello, a political scientist and rector of the John Cabot University in Rome. “The president should not veto for political reasons against a minister. But Mattarella should a minister refuse, in the interest of the Italian constitution, and that he has Sunday done. He waited for days that candidate-minister Savona reassuring words would speak about the Italian membership of the euro. These words were not there. Therefore feared the president that there is a constitutional crisis would break out, because Italy should not just from the European treaties to withdraw.’

It is not a scoop that the Italian president the appointment of a minister refuses. In 1994 pushed the centre-right candidate-prime minister Silvio Berlusconi lawyer Cesare Previti as minister of Grace and Justice, but he had stumbled when in a ‘no’ from president Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, who was afgeknapt on the verkiezingsuitspraak: “We will win the elections and then completely no prisoners.’ Years later would Previti to be judged as he judges had been bribed.

More recently, the centre-left candidate-prime minister Matteo Renzi, in 2014, do not antimaffiamagistraat Nicola Gratteri to appoint Justice. Then the president Giorgio Napolitano pointed Renzi on the unwritten rule that says that it is indelicate as a magistrate in the post of minister of Justice.

Double game of Lega

If Lega and Five-Star Sunday is a different candidate than Savona had been proposed as minister of Economy, Italy today is probably an elected government of the two winning parties had. It seems that especially the Lega, which is the hardest for Savona has lobbied, double game has been played. Possible wanted the Lega still not driving with the inexperienced Vijfsterrenbeweging, and with a view to new elections, prefer to rebuild the ties with the rest of the centre-right coalition before the elections of march was formed. Lega-chairman Matteo Salvini showed at a meeting for his supporters Sunday night been several times striking the name ‘Silvio Berlusconi’, the leader of centre-right block.

By the game around Savona so hard to play, the Lega now easily the zwartepiet for the failure of this government formation forward to the Italian president.

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