Video – Fan on the field is Cristiano Ronaldo in the way

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Cristiano Ronaldo seemed to be in the final of the Champions League final on the way to a goal. A fan that suddenly the field is stormed, prevented him to be the big chance to finish. Much to the dismay of Cristiano Ronaldo himself.

Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be on the way to score a goal, but the stewards have to intervene because a fan in the direction of the Portuguese rent.

Major consequences had the action of the supporter, that in Kiev rather quickly by stewards violently to the ground was worked, not. Real Madrid was at that time, all with 3-1. Gareth Bale was as a substitute for the big man to the side of the ‘Royal’. With an incomparable ado he brought to Real Madrid in the second half on a 2-1 lead.

Bale made then also for the liberating 3-1. Already got the attacker from Wales at that last goal, however, with all the help of Liverpool-the final item on the Loris Karius. The German keeper had the shot distance by his hands slip.

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Earlier in the match went Karius even though horrific in the error. The goalkeeper wanted to shortly after resting the ball to a team mate throw, but hit the outstretched leg of Karim Benzema. The ball rolled so the goal. That meant the 1-0 for the Spaniards. Liverpool came through a goal from Sadio Mané still back to 1-1, but had to eventually sit by and watch how Real Madrid for the third time in a row, the Champions League managed to win.

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