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Very strong Genk plays Zulte Waregem of the mat in the final of the Play-offs and may next year, Europe in

The last European ticket for Racing Genk. The People dominated in the private Luminus Arena against Zulte Waregem, the winner of Playoff 2, and won the match with 2-0. Samatta and Uronen made in the first half for goals scored. Genk can prepare for the second qualifying round of the Europa League, Essevee will remain with empty hands behind.

Both teams exchanged two players compared with their previous party. When Genk was the suspended Nastic replaced by Uronen, while Malinovskiy from suspension returned, and the place of Wouters took. On the other side had Derijck and Hamalainen both suffer from the adductors: their vervangeers were Walsh and Bjordal. All will fear there at Zulte Waregem and is certainly resident after barely four days ago a grueling Playoff 2-final had played.

The fresher Genkenaren names from the beginning the party in the hands under the impetus of top talent Trossard, while also returning Malinovskiy is very eagerly showed. Genk used to camp on the half of Zulte Waregem, and after a little more than a quarter of an hour the unavoidable happened. Trossard chopped well free and shot along, but the detached Samatta could to the second pole, the ball still against the nets tapping. Zulte Waregem gasped and seemed to be just before the half hour, finally in the competition to come. Just at that moment made Uronen, however, 2-0. The Fin ontvaing the ball from Pozuelo, chopped goalkeeper Bossut, and pushed the leather inside.

On a corner kick could Essevee, however, still threaten when Vukovic just put the ball solved, but The Peacock was not on purpose decisions. In the remainder of the first half had all the shooting skill yet a blue-white colour, but both Trossard as Pozuelo were 3-0 against the nets tapping. Samatta had that 3-0 just before the break but for the binnentikken when he only the depth to which it was sent, but the Tanzanian decided to incomprehensible next to it. 2-0 was the idle.

Lots of chances, no goals

In the second half was more of the same: Genk was clearly the better team, but could the decisive 3-0 but not against the ropes work. Trossard conjured up all sorts of wonderful actions and the end from the feet, but score the youngster could not. More than a rare counter Harbaoui, the visitors could not play football. Also in the slotkwartier could Malinovskiy, Trossard and Pozuelo, again, not score. 2-0 in the end would be the final standings turn out, though the score may be far greater.

Racing Genk can prepare for the second qualifying round of the Europa League on July 26. Zulte Waregem have the next season without European football.

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