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Update: Neo announcements – expectations not met

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A few days ago, we reported that, according to various blog posts speculation that China is faced with the decision again in ICOs to admit and exclusively on the NEO-Blockchain. This rumor was fueled by the fact that NEO for the past Monday, the 20.11.17, has touted a big announcement.

The announcement was released via Twitter and a blog post. NEO will be hosting the 2018 along with Microsoft’s own DevCon.

The event aims to be China’s first developer competition, and also other Chinese Blockchain-companies like Onchain, Elastos and Innospace+. The aim of the DevCon is to develop Apps on the Basis of the NEO-Blockchain and Microsoft Tools. The developer can present the best App gets a price of $ 150,000. The assessment of up to 31.03.2018 for submission of contributions can be made by a consortium of experts from Microsoft and NEO-founder Since Hongfei and Erik Zhang.

In addition, the participants will get the Chance to present their Work on the NEO DevCon in January 2018 in the Silicon Valley.

NEO course loses something

Although the announcement that NEO stepped up together with Microsoft, its partnership should bring investors to Cheer. Seemingly, the hopes were, as mentioned above, but to high. The announcement that NEO could be the only platform in China, ICOs take place, for investors, the announcement of the DevCon at the moment, in the shadows.

After the Token to the 17. November was still below 25 euros per Coin and the next day to 41.05 euros increase, has caved in to the course in the following days a bit more and now at 30 Euro per Token leveled off.

Ultimately, the announcement, in our view, means not the denial of the original rumor. It remains, therefore, in any case, to observe interesting and exciting NEO.

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